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B2Prime and cTrader Join Hands As The Much Awaited Merger Sees Fruition

B2Prime and cTrader Join Hands


  • B2Prime has partnered with cTrader to improve its trading experience.
  • The collaboration between B2Prime and Spotware expands B2Prime’s services and enhances cTrader’s liquidity offering.

In recent times, both the crypto world and the financial world have seen numerous partnerships and mergers. These mergers are aimed at streamlining the services and making the work more effective. However, one of the most talked about partnerships is that between B2Prime and cTrader. In fact, it is one such partnership which has sparked huge reactions across the globe. 

What’s The News?

B2Prime, a multi-asset liquidity provider, has partnered with cTrader to improve users’ trading experiences. As a result, B2Prime’s platforms, like OneZero and PrimeXM, now include cTrader. This addition gives traders more connectivity options.

In the official press release, Nicholas Chrysochos, Executive Director of B2Prime, said that many hedge funds, money managers, professional traders, algorithmic traders, systematic traders, and high-net-worth individuals are interested in accessing B2Prime’s extensive liquidity pool. To meet this demand, B2Prime chose cTrader as the platform for clients to access their bespoke liquidity products across various regions.

Spotware Systems, the provider of cTrader, praised the partnership for developing a strong liquidity provision network. The company said this move is crucial for offering competitive pricing and a better trading experience. B2Prime offers multi-currency margin accounts for both individual and institutional clients. Ilia Iarovitcyn, CEO of Spotware Systems, expressed excitement about expanding the liquidity provision network, increasing asset offerings, and improving trading reliability. He noted that partnering with B2Prime helps deliver competitive pricing and an exceptional trading experience. With advanced technology and B2Prime’s growth, Iarovitcyn is confident in driving innovation and success for clients worldwide.

In April, B2Prime received a security dealer license in Seychelles as part of its global expansion. This approval, the company’s third, followed similar licenses from Cyprus and Mauritius. The security dealer license allows B2Prime to engage in key financial activities like negotiating agreements for securities, managing transactions, and handling portfolios for clients. This legal framework, overseen by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, ensures that B2Prime operates efficiently in global markets.

cTrader: Stunning Features

The cTrader platform by Spotware is known for its advanced features for professional traders:

  • Visually appealing and customisable user interface.
  • Multi-asset trading with fast order entry and execution.
  • Depth of Market (DOM) with Level II pricing for better market analysis.
  • Cross-platform accessibility on Desktop, Mac, Web, and Mobile (iOS and Android).
  • Advanced risk management tools for confident trading.
  • Built-in algo trading solutions with cBots, indicators, and plugins.
  • Integrated social trading platform, cTrader Copy, connecting strategy providers and investors.

What The Collaboration Signifies

The collaboration between B2Prime and Spotware expands B2Prime’s services and improves cTrader’s liquidity offering, making it more competitive. B2Prime offers over 200 instruments across six asset classes: FOREX, Crypto CFDs, Spot Indices, Precious Metals, Commodities, and NDFs. This provides one of the most comprehensive liquidity solutions on the market.

B2Prime ensures access to deep liquidity pools from reputable providers, offering competitive spreads and fast execution. Additionally, B2Prime provides multi-currency prime margin accounts and an institutional tiered-margin approach.