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Can I buy Apple (AAPL) Stock CFDs at eToro?

buy Apple Stock CFDs at eToro

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest companies in the world for electronics and technology. It’s worth around 2.96 trillion dollars globally. The price for Apple’s stock CFDs right now is $170.73. But, it’s important to know why people invest in AAPL stock and if it’s a good choice for you. So, can you buy Apple (AAPL) Stock CFDs at eToro? Yes, you can. eToro lets traders buy Apple stocks and use leverage up to 1:5 for $1,000, as of June 8, 2023. We’ll also talk about how you can buy Apple Stock on eToro.

How to Buy Apple Stock on eToro

You can easily buy Apple stock on eToro. Just use their easy platform. Go to the stock market part, find Apple, and see how it’s doing in real-time. Then, decide what to do and make trades. That’s how you invest in Apple stock through eToro.

Looking for Apple Stock on eToro

To find Apple stock on eToro, follow these simple steps. eToro has about 3,000 stocks available.

  1. You can find Apple stock (AAPL) using two methods: the search bar or the Discover section.
  2. To use the search bar, go to eToro’s website and type “APPLE” or “AAPL” in the search bar.
  3. If you prefer the Discover section, click on it to find stocks based on criteria like trending stocks, daily movers, and analysts’ picks. You’ll also see other stocks similar to AAPL.
  4. Here’s how to find AAPL using the Discover section:
  • Go to the Discover page on eToro.
  • Click on “Stocks” among the market options.
  • Use filters to view custom categories and find where AAPL falls. Categories include Daily Movers, Trending Stocks, Market Analysis, Popular Picks, Stock-based Portfolios, and Equity-focused.
  • Select AAPL based on the category it falls under.

Buying Stocks

  1. Choose $AAPL to see Apple’s stock price on eToro. Click the “Trade” button. Pick how much money you want to spend on the trade.
  2. Also, choose the prices for stop loss and take profit orders to plan your trades.
  3. For leverage, pick X1 if you don’t want to borrow money from the broker. If you choose X5, it means you’re borrowing money. Your order will be AAPL CFD, not real AAPL stock. It means you’re guessing about AAPL’s market movement, not actually buying AAPL stocks.
  4. After making your choices, click the “Buy” button to place your order.

Note: Limit orders might take a while to finish. You’re setting the highest price you want to buy shares at. Your order goes through only if the market trades at that price or lower. Market orders don’t take as long. You let the broker find the best price available at that time.

Apple stock price today

Pros and Cons of Buying Apple Stocks on eToro

Here are the pros and cons of buying Apple (AAPL) stocks on eToro. It’ll help you decide if eToro is right for your investing style.

You can use different ways to pay.Other fees can be high, even if you’re not trading.
It’s regulated well.You can’t move the stocks you buy to other brokers.
There are no commissions to pay.


If you’re thinking about investing in Apple stock online, give eToro a look. Stocks can be a valuable addition to your investment. People who invest in both institutional and retail investors tend to trust Apple as a stable and convenient choice.

Apple’s stock is one of the most valuable among big tech companies. But before you invest in Apple stock (AAPL), make sure you understand how to keep an eye on how the stock is doing, so you’ll know when it’s a good time to sell.

You can reach to eToro review page.

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