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FinTech Talk Podcast by SquaredFinancial Announced The Third Episode

SquaredFinancial Podcast

The fintech industry is all abloom. With ever-increasing participation, the industry has turned out to be a game-changer for millions across the world. However, the popularity and glamour of this industry must not deceive you, as it is laden with complexities. Two veterans in the industry have joined hands to host a talk show to answer all the associated complexities. Well, that is the only truth for you. 

The Talk Show

SquaredFinancial, an industry-leading fintech firm, launched its highly anticipated Talk Show Podcast series. Starting on February 22, 2024, the first episode features renowned market analysts Noureldeen Hammoury and Dominique El Khoury. They take part in engaging discussions on major market events and debates on significant market catalysts.

Hammoury and El Khoury are frequent contributors to prestigious media outlets like Bloomberg and CNB. They are the distinguished hosts of this live interactive talk show. Despite the volatility in stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency markets, investors are invited to join the conversation, ask questions, and receive immediate answers from these experts.

What The Show Promises To Traders

This unique opportunity allows traders to directly engage with market experts. This helps them gain valuable insights to inform their decisions in our ever-evolving economic landscape. The inaugural episode preceded the ECB decision on February 22. Whoever is interested in understanding market dynamics, trends, and strategies can visit the company’s website for more information and to mark their calendars.

The Third Episode was announced

The third episode of the Talk Show is scheduled for May 30, 2024. It will cover topics such as inflation, geopolitical events in the Middle East, and their impact on the markets. During the panel, the experts will discuss gold and oil prices, ECB rate cuts, financial market volatility, and the cryptocurrency collapse. The SquaredFinancial Talk Show podcast provides a unique opportunity to hear analysts’ views on changing market trends, helping traders and investors make more informed decisions.

About SquaredFinancial

SquaredFinancial, founded in 2005, aims to meet investors’ financial needs as a well-capitalized FinTech firm. With nearly two decades of experience in financial technology and trading, it offers global solutions to traders of all backgrounds. Led by market experts and industry veterans, it provides an intuitive and sophisticated investment gateway backed by cutting-edge technology.

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