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FXCubic and Devexperts Join Forces For Streamlined Broker Solutions

FXCubic and Devexperts

Story Highlights

  • FXCubic and Devexperts join forces to offer brokers a powerful trading solution.
  • FXCubic’s bridge technology integrates with the DXtrade CFD platform for a seamless experience.
  • Devexperts’ open-platform strategy allows for collaboration with BizCuits and Resalt.io, giving brokers a wider range of solutions.

The financial technology landscape for brokers just got a major boost. FXCubic, a well-established firm in liquidity provision, has joined forces with Devexperts, the company behind the feature-rich DXtrade CFD trading platform. This integration is poised to transform the way brokers operate, offering a comprehensive and efficient solution.

Enhanced Functionality Meets Proven Expertise

The FXCubic and Devexperts partnership creates a powerful combination. Brokers will benefit from FXCubic’s decades of experience in liquidity provision, including low-latency software, deep liquidity pools, and automated risk management. This strong foundation is further bolstered by DXtrade CFD’s robust platform, known for its user-friendly interface, mobile apps, and customizable features.

FXCubic and Devexperts
Image Courtesy: LeapRate

This collaboration goes beyond simply offering separate services. FXCubic’s bridge technology seamlessly integrates with DXtrade CFD, creating a unified solution that empowers brokers to optimize their resources and maximize profits. Wassim Khateeb, Chief Commercial Officer at FXCubic, highlights the user-centric approach: “We are excited about the possibilities this integration unlocks and look forward to enhancing the trading experience for our users.”

Open Platform Ushers in a New Era of Collaboration

Devexperts’ commitment to an open-platform concept is another key advantage. This philosophy allows for smooth integration with other industry leaders, as evidenced by DXtrade CFD’s recent partnerships with BizCuits and Resalt.io. BizCuits offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, from CRM and marketing tools to payment processing, while Resalt.io provides essential back-office support for growing brokers.

Jon Light, Head of OTC Platform at Devexperts, emphasizes the significance of collaboration: “Partnerships with firms of this caliber allow us to collectively strengthen our offerings and keep pushing the industry forward.” This focus on collaboration ensures that brokers have access to a constantly evolving ecosystem of best-in-class solutions, all designed to streamline their operations and empower their clients.