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Saxo Bank Eyes Expansion As Asia-Pacific Catches Eye

Saxo Bank Eyes Expansion


  • Saxo Bank Explores Strategic Expansion in Asia-Pacific Markets.
  • Conversations with potential partners have paved the way for a new hope.

Saxo Bank A/S is now considering expanding its work area in Asia. On Monday, the Saxo bank announced that it will review strategic opportunities for its operations in Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong. The review aims to speed up the bank’s growth in the Asia-Pacific region by exploring potential partnerships.

About The Expansion Idea

Saxo announced that after discussing with potential partners, they plan to create new partnerships with strong Asian organisations. They intend to use their current offices in Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong as part of these partnerships.

By partnering with these offices, new partners can use Saxo’s scalable and multi-asset infrastructure, offering their own branded platforms while maintaining control over customer relationships and assets. The bank also stated that the initiative enables them to sustain a robust presence in Asia, providing avenues for expansion. They mentioned that these partnerships bring new opportunities for their partners and Saxo while benefiting their dedicated employees in Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

About Saxo Bank

CEO Kim Fournais founded the bank in 1992. It launched one of Europe’s earliest online trading platforms in 1998. Since then, the Copenhagen-based bank has expanded its institutional business to include over 400 partners. Approximately half of its 1.2 million clients and more than $120 billion in client assets originate from this segment.

Recently, Saxo’s credit rating was upgraded to “A-” by S&P Global Ratings, highlighting its strengthened capital reserves by Danish regulatory standards for systemically important financial institutions.

The Bank recently made significant personnel changes. As part of its strategic review, the bank announced last month that Andrew Bresler would become the CEO of Saxo UK starting June 3. Additionally, they appointed Casper Andreas Solbakken as the Global Head of Commercial Offering and Experience. Solbakken, who has over 18 years of experience at Saxo, previously served as the Global Head of Products, Pricing, and Platforms since last July.

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