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Tastyfx Unveils The Future of Forex Trading with IG US

Tastyfx Unveils The Future of Forex Trading

In a momentous development, IG US has announced a rebranding of its brokerage and platform technology to Tastyfx. The goal is to provide a better experience for their US customers and to integrate FX trading more closely. While the name is changing, the trading platform that clients love will remain largely the same. There will be ongoing enhancements aimed at offering more advanced forex trading technology. 

The Changes

IG US’s new tastyfx logo will soon appear across content, and there are changes to the web presence as well. The changes include:

  • Mobile App: The app has been rebranded to tastyfx, maintaining the core experience and your account information unchanged. If you already have the IG app, update it. If not, find the tastyfx app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for its convenient features.
  • Website: The URL has switched to tastyfx.com. While you can still access the website from IG.com/us for now, this URL will be deactivated soon. Make sure to update your bookmarks promptly.
  • Social Media: The social handles are now @tastyfx. If you already follow tastyfx social media accounts, there’s no need to re-follow them.

Yet The Root Remains The Same

Despite the name change, the trading platform in the FX space will stay more or less the same. Ongoing improvements will continue to enhance forex trading technology. The rebranding to tastyfx aims to create a dedicated forex brand for US clients, focusing on fast technology, zero commissions, and strong customer service.

Peter Mulmat, CEO of tastyfx, stated that the decision to change their name to tastyfx marked the beginning of a new chapter for the company. He noted they had seen substantial growth in their business in recent years and emphasized that tastyfx would enhance their dedication to offering US forex traders an exceptional experience.

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