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These are the rules for using Topforex’s website and services. You, the customer, agree to these rules when you use our site. Make sure you read the privacy policy, risk warning, and all the rules below before using our site. If you keep using our site or any service on it, it means you accept these rules. We can change these rules anytime, and the changes will take effect right away. So, remember to check these rules whenever you use our site. If you don’t agree to these rules anymore, you can’t use our site.

You can print these rules if you want to keep them. Understand that Topforex can change or stop the website at any time without telling you. And we can also stop or limit your use of the website for any reason without telling you. Any rules you suggest that aren’t in these rules won’t count.


We get information from many places, and the internet can be risky, There might be mistakes or delays on this website. The information and advice here are given as they are, with no promises. Topforex, its workers, and partners don’t promise that the information here is right, complete, or good for anything. We deny any promises, both clear and hidden.

If something goes wrong and you lose money or miss out on making money, or if something bad happens to you or someone else because of using this website, it’s not our fault, even if it’s because we didn’t do our job right or because something happened that we couldn’t control when we were putting together, explaining, sharing, or sending out this website and its content and advice. We won’t be responsible for any problems, money lost, special damage, extra costs, or other things that happen to you or anyone else.

We can decide to stop parts or all of our website from working whenever we want, and you can’t blame us for it.

Also, if you make a decision or do something because you trusted the content or advice on this website or because you used this website, we won’t be responsible for that either.

Legal Rules

You should know that rules about money deals are different in different places around the world. It’s up to you alone to make sure you follow all the laws, rules, and orders in your country about using the website. Just because you can get onto our website doesn’t always mean that what we offer and what you do on it are allowed by the laws, rules, or orders where you live. This website isn’t meant to be, and can’t be used as, an offer or request for anyone in a place where it’s not allowed, or to anyone it’s against the law to offer or request things to. Some places might have limits on who can use this website and what they can do on it, so people who use this website need to find out about and follow those limits.

Limited Permission

You can use our website, but only for yourself and by following these rules. Don’t share, access, or copy anything from here without asking us first. If you break these rules, you’re responsible for any problems that happen. Don’t use the site to do anything bad or hurtful to others. If you don’t follow these rules, we can stop you from using our services. We might also delete any information you’ve shared.

Links to other websites

On this website, you might find links to other websites run by different people, not Topforex. We put these links here to help you, but we’re not responsible for those websites or how they work. Just because we link to another website doesn’t mean we support everything on it or how it’s run. It’s up to you to decide if you want to use the content from those other websites. If you want to buy something from a different website, like a “co-branded” site, Topforex might ask for your information to process the transaction.

By agreeing to this, you’re letting Topforex share your information with a third party for forex trading. If something goes wrong with your purchase from another site, we’re not responsible for any losses or damages. When you make a purchase, you must provide accurate information and pay for what you buy, including any taxes. Each co-branded site will have its own privacy policy regarding your personal information.

Topforex’s liability to you or anyone else is limited to the amount of money you gave to Topforex for the transaction that caused the issue.


Our website might use “cookies” and other tracking technologies to improve your experience. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that help us keep track of certain information. You can choose to block cookies in your web browser, but this might affect how some parts of the website work.

Ads on our site might be shown by advertising partners who use cookies to gather information about your interests. This helps them show you ads they think you’ll like. This privacy policy doesn’t cover how advertisers use cookies.

Market information

Topforex might provide financial information from various sources, including internal data or information from other providers. This includes things like market data, news, and analyst reports.

This information is not investment advice, and we don’t endorse or guarantee its accuracy. Market information can become outdated quickly due to changing conditions. We and our providers aren’t obligated to update this information, and we might stop offering it at any time.

We’re not responsible for any issues with the market information, like interruptions or inaccuracies. You can’t share this information with others who aren’t authorized by Topforex.

Technical Problems

Sometimes, technical issues might stop you from using our website. We’re not responsible for these problems, and you agree not to hold us accountable for any system failures, communication issues, or other computer problems.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll always be able to access our website when you want, or that it will always work perfectly. We also don’t promise that the website will be free from errors.

Trademarks and Copyrights

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