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TradeStation Teams Up with Option Circle for Enhanced Trading

TradeStation Teams Up with Option Circle


  • TradeStation Securities has partnered with Option Circle, a U.S. multi-asset class broker-dealer platform. 
  • This integration allows Option Circle users to trade directly through TradeStation Securities, consolidating trading tools and eliminating the need for multiple brokerage platforms.

TradeStation Securities, Inc., a renowned online brokerage firm based in Plantation, Fla., announced its collaboration with Option Circle. This integration allows users of Option Circle, a U.S. multi-asset class broker-dealer platform, to access markets and trade using Option Circle’s tools directly through TradeStation Securities, eliminating the necessity for a separate brokerage platform.

The Integration

John Bartleman, President and Chief Executive Officer of TradeStation Group, Inc., the parent company of TradeStation Securities, highlighted that TradeStation Securities’ clients, who are Option Circle subscribers, now have access to a range of features. These include automated trading bots, detailed analytics, algorithmic trading strategies, no-code trading algorithms, and a Round Table message board for active engagement and sharing insights.

Additionally, Option Circle subscribers have the opportunity to generate income by licensing their trading bots and strategies through the platform.

He also expressed that enhancing advanced options trading capabilities remains a priority for TradeStation Securities. He emphasised that integrating with Option Circle represents a significant step forward in improving the trading experience for their clients. Bartleman noted that Option Circle’s AI bot platform with advanced quantum-computing capabilities offers TradeStation Securities’ users new tools to incorporate into their trading strategies.

Shishu Bedi, President and CEO of Option Circle, stated that they are excited about formalising the partnership with TradeStation Securities. Bedi emphasised that their autonomous trading tools, guided by proprietary AI-driven bots, aim to simplify trading complexities. He highlighted that Option Circle aims to empower users by providing accessible trading solutions, allowing them to engage in options and other asset classes without needing extensive expertise.


Clients of TradeStation who opt for Option Circle’s services will gain access to various tools such as automated trading bots, algorithmic strategies, and a platform for exchanging insights. Moreover, subscribers of Option Circle have the chance to earn money by licensing their trading bots and strategies through the platform.

This collaboration is designed to improve the trading experience for current clients and create fresh opportunities for income and strategy advancement.