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Webull Introduces “24-Hour Trading” in Australia

Webull Introduces 24-Hour Trading in Australia

Investors in Australia waiting for longer trading hours can now celebrate. The well-known online brokerage Webull has extended its ’24-Hour Trading’ service to Australia. This enables customers to trade a range of US equities and ETFs outside of typical US trading hours throughout the Australian business day.

Complying with US Trading Hours 

Per the announcement today, Friday, the platform will initially provide round-the-clock trading of over 60 widely traded US stocks and ETFs. Webull claims the platform will provide round-the-clock trading on over 60 US stocks, including the well-known SPY and QQQ ETFs and Tesla, Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.  

Rob Talevski, CEO of Weibull Australia, stated, “Traditionally, US market hours made trading the world’s largest capital market a challenging task for us here in Australia, which has been a deterrent for those seeking international equity exposure.”

“Now, Webull clients can fully engage and participate as if trading local equities and even benefit from emerging out-of-hours trading events in the US, such as significant market developments, macro events, or crucial company news.”

Webull, in the meantime, is actively expanding and has just joined several foreign markets. Additionally, it is negotiating approval from South Korean officials to enter the stock trading market as the first international company.  

The Need to Trade All Day Long

24-hour trading allows traders to conduct trades outside of exchange operating hours. This allows traders to profit from volatility before and after the market.

Webull announced that, from Monday through Friday, its 24-hour trading will be accessible in Australia from 10:00 to 17:58 AEST. This will open up a new trading session during US overnight hours, allowing Australian traders and investors to execute orders outside of regular and extended US trading hours throughout the Australian business day. Regardless of the execution time, it will also guarantee next-day settlement.  

Talevski continued, “We’ve designed the Weibull Australia platform to optimize the online trading experience, both for experienced investors and those new to the market, and the launch of 24-hour trading is simply an extension of these efforts.”

Interactive Brokers increased the trading hours for US Treasury bonds from nine to 22 hours per day.  

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