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Western Union Reconnects Cuban Families

Western Union

Story Highlights

  • Western Union restarts money transfers from the US to Cuba after a 3-month break.
  • Cuban-Americans can now send funds directly to Cuban family bank accounts or debit cards for same-day pickup.
  • This service restart offers a vital financial lifeline for Cuban families facing economic challenges.

Separation by water often can’t sever the bonds of family. For Cuban Americans and their loved ones in Cuba, Western Union’s recent service restart bridges that very gap. After a three-month pause, money transfers are flowing again, offering a vital lifeline for many Cuban families.

The new service streamlines financial support. US residents can send money directly to their Cuban relatives’ bank accounts or debit cards at Banco Popular de Ahorro, Banco Metropolitano S.A., or Banco de Credito y Comercio (Bandec). Crucially, these transfers arrive the same day, including weekends and holidays, ensuring swift access to funds for essential needs. This eliminates the worry and delay often associated with international money transfers.

Western Union’s return is a significant step for Cuban-American families. With a transaction limit of $2,000, these transfers can provide a much-needed financial boost for Cubans facing economic hardship. The resumption of service signifies a renewed connection, allowing families to bridge the physical distance with the strength of financial support.