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What ABN AMRO’s BUX Acquisition Means for Investors

ABN AMRO’s BUX Acquisition

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. completed the acquisition of BUX, a Dutch neobroker. They sealed the deal that commenced in December 2023. ABN AMRO now owns BUX but remains as an independent entity.

Founded in 2013, BUX is a mobile brokerage located in Amsterdam as well as London. It presents retail investors of its applications, BUX Zero and BUX Crypto, with access to shares, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

Continued Independence and Innovation 

BUX’s new owners are continuing their tradition of innovation for a new generation of investors. ABN AMRO and BUX are collaborating to improve investment experience for clients; they have begun integrating their platforms already and are planning innovative features.

According to Annerie Vreugdenhil, Chief Commercial Officer Personal & Business Banking at ABN Amro: “We are thrilled about the entry of BUX into ABN AMRO. Our vision is that we will be able to empower customers early on in their financial journeys. With their innovative platform that simplifies things for users, BUX makes it easy. We want to create better services for our future generations.”

“As the deal has successfully been closed,” commented Yorick Naeff – CEO at BUX,” we can now proudly say that our focus was on our users’ financial goals; making investing easier and more affordable for all. By combining the accessible platform and knowledge of BUX with the expertise from ABN AMRO, we will become a stronger partner in serving new investors but not compromising on innovation.”

Strategic Partnerships and Growth

BUX has had huge growth and expanded into eight European countries. ABN AMRO’s acquisition enhances their position in The Netherlands and supports their European expansion strategy. They intend to have more investment products for both newbies and experienced investors. This shows the commitment of ABN AMRO to being innovative in financial services.

ABN AMRO Ventures Transfers to Motive Ventures

ABN AMRO Ventures has transferred itself to Motive Venture in order to facilitate today’s investors with more effective services. Therefore, Motive Venture will from now on handle a portfolio of early-stage fintech firms, drawing on its expertise in fintech and business services.

Annerie Vreugdenhil, Chief Commercial Officer Personal & Business Banking at ABN AMRO, and Yorick Naeff, CEO of BUX are optimistic about the future of this new partnership where they articulate better customer offerings and continuous innovation within the financial services industry.

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