Gs Partners Review

Gs Partners is a company that sells MetaCertificates, which they say are like securities. They tell people to invest money in them. Gs Partners says they’ll use this money to invest in real industries and in forex trading to make profits for investors. They promise to give fixed weekly returns between 2.5% and 5% and monthly returns of 1.5%. Gs Partners also pays people commissions for bringing in new investors. But recently, Gs Partners has been in trouble about whether it’s really a good investment or not. Read more to find out if Gs Partners is safe or a scam.

🏢 Headquarters Portugal
🗺️ Type of License No license
💻 Trading platform: NA
📊 Account Currencies: NA
💰 Should I trade with it No (We don’t recommend)
Recommended Licenses NA
🚀 Minimum deposit: NA
🔧 Instruments: NA
☎ Customer Support NA

What is Gs Partners?

Gs Partners said they would use money from investors to invest in real-world businesses and trade in the forex market to make profits. They promised investors fixed weekly returns of 2.5% to 5%, plus monthly returns of 1.5%. GS Partners also paid people to bring in new investors. The founder and chairman of the board, Josip Heit, and two other executives broke California securities laws by being involved in this scheme. They and three other executives offered and sold securities that weren’t approved, and they didn’t tell investors the truth about investing in crypto assets.

This action was part of a plan with other state regulators to keep investors safe. Gs Partners said they were a real, regulated investment platform that offered good investments. But Gs Partners, Heit, Hughes, and Zahlmann made false statements to make investors believe this. They lied about being partnered with a forex broker that handled investors’ money and having a banking license. They also threatened to sue people who criticized their investments.

Is Gs Partners Legit or Scam?

Gs Partners isn’t regulated. They might be watched by an organization, but they don’t have permission to offer financial services to people. Because they don’t have a license, no one is watching them closely. This means the people who run Gs Partners could take your money and disappear without warning. You need to be very careful when dealing with a company that isn’t regulated. Since there’s no organization watching them, you can’t report any problems to anyone. Also, because there aren’t specific rules for them to follow, there’s nothing protecting you if Gs Partners goes bankrupt. If they run out of money, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Is Gs Partners regulated? 

GS Partners is not regulated. When ROI payouts were stopped, it was revealed that Metaportfolio accounts lost some trades in the market. People who didn’t use a regular compounding strategy ended up with losses, causing their loads to drop below 100%. This made their weekly rewards stop. There are different options with different risks and possible returns. This makes investors think about what they should do.

Some government groups in Canada, like Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, have noticed the Gs Partners withdrawal problem. They’ve warned people about the possibility of securities fraud with GSPartners. These warnings are like a signal for investors to be careful when using the platform.

Gs Partners Security

The SEC says that securities fraud and Ponzi schemes are connected, warning people about the dangers of unregistered investments. The SEC has the power over any investment in securities in the United States, and it keeps an eye out for fraudsters who operate in virtual currency. To avoid attention from regulators after Canada’s warnings, Gs Partners changed its website name to Swiss Valorem Bank. But they still use Gs Partners in their marketing. This makes people wonder if the company is being transparent and addressing the regulators’ concerns.

When a company isn’t regulated or is poorly regulated, it’s a big warning sign. It means Gs Partners could be a scam and probably illegal. Companies that offer investment services without a license can disappear without a trace. Also, without a license, they can do this without facing legal trouble. So it’s important to check if a company is regulated and has a license. If they have a license, people can go to the authorities if something goes wrong.

Trading Conditions and Deposit/Withdrawal Methods at GSPartners

At GSPartners, there are rules about how you trade and how you can put money in or take it out. One big thing that happened was that they stopped giving out Return on Investment (ROI) money suddenly. Bruce Hughes, speaking for Gs Partners founder Josip Heit, told everyone about this. It made a lot of investors worried.  If you were someone who didn’t want to put your earnings back into Gs Partners, this affected you.

People who chose to put their money back into Gs Partners were okay, but others who needed to take their money out were stuck. Gs Partners has two types of investors: those who put their earnings back in and those who need to take money out regularly.  This stoppage of ROI money mostly affected the second group because they couldn’t get their money. Gs Partners said this was part of their plan to make things better and that they were making their smart contract stronger.

Customer Service for Scams

When you deal with scammers, it’s important to judge how good their customer service is by seeing if they respond when you complain. At first, scammers are easy to reach. Their people will keep calling you until you put money in with them. They act nice and make you feel important. But they’re only doing this to gain your trust. Scammers know they have to seem friendly to convince you to give them a lot of money.

But when you want your money back after investing a lot, their customer service suddenly disappears. Their phone numbers stop working, or they’re always “busy.”. They might still be around to convince you to give them more money. Or they might make excuses about why you can’t get your money back. But in the end, their customer service won’t fix your problems, and it gets harder to reach them.


All the evidence shows that GS Partners is a scam. Gs Partners makes money by getting others to invest, but they keep your money locked up. They survive by convincing people quickly, giving bribes, and earning commissions. Their aim is to make money from your investment to keep the scheme going. There’s no payout at the end of these “18-month contracts,” so you might not see anyone getting their money back.