Phoenix Capital Partners Review

Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC is a big company in the United States. They buy rights to oil and gas under the ground and invest money. They also own parts of companies that drill for oil and gas. They work to find value in land for people who own it. Investments can help you become financially independent. But it’s important to check carefully before investing. Is Phoenix Capital Group a good investment or a scam? This might make you wonder if it’s a safe company. Let’s see.

What is the Phoenix Capital Group?

Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC started in 2019. It’s in Denver, Colorado. They know a lot about buying oil and gas rights and making investments. They have offices in many places in the United States. It’s been in the family for a long time. They want to make money for both landowners and investors. They know a lot about energy and use modern technology. They also look closely at finances.

They help their clients well. Phoenix helps American landowners make the most of their mineral rights. They give chances to invest directly, not just for rich people. Phoenix doesn’t use middlemen. Investors can get good returns, up to 13% a year. They want to make it easier for people to invest in energy and make money.

What does Phoenix Capital Group Do?

Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC is a company that helps people invest their money and manage their wealth. They focus on real estate, energy, and mineral companies. They work with clients all across the United States, helping them manage their mineral interests like leasing, oil and gas production, and royalties.

Phoenix Capital Group finds new ways for people to invest in the oil and gas industry, which used to be only for rich people. They’ve made investment options that give you good returns and let you invest directly without needing middlemen. This new way mixes smart analysis and industry know-how to offer you chances to earn money with high yearly returns.

Is the Phoenix Capital Group Legit and Safe or Scam?

One thing to note is that it’s not regulated by a financial authority with strict standards. Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC (PCGHLLC) is a respected investment firm. It mainly deals with real estate, energy, and minerals. People who have dealt with them directly and reviews show that this company is known for being professional and reliable. Investors have said they get their monthly payments on time, and the interest they earn matches the rates they were promised. This shows that PCGHLLC is doing well in the investment world.

The company got good feedback. People gave it a 4.7-star rating from 256 reviews on Trustpilot. 89% of these are five-star ratings, showing that most investors are happy. Only 2% of the ratings are negative.

Most of the reviews are positive, which means the company helps its clients.

This good feedback shows that PCGHLLC is a good choice for investing. People feel safe putting their money, especially for retirement, in PCGHLLC. The company does what it says it will do, and this builds trust.

There are a few bad reviews, but that’s normal. Considering they have over 200 good reviews from different people, they seem legit as of March 2024. The good thing is that they respond to all reviews, good and bad, like any real business should.

Investment Options

Anyone can invest, but you need at least $5,000 for the Regulation A+ option. In three years, your investment will grow by 9% each year, giving a total return of 27%. You’ll get monthly payments of 0.75%.

Phoenix Capital Group now has Regulation D bonds, and they plan to offer more investments later. If the good reviews from the company’s investors are anything to go by, it seems many of them are happy with the company.

Understanding Oil Operations and Land Acquisition

Phoenix Capital Group makes money for its investors by owning and exploring oil and gas properties. You don’t have to know a lot about how to get oil out of the ground or about mineral rights to understand that selling oil can make a lot of money if it’s done right. The company has a plan that works.

As of November 30, 2023, Phoenix Capital Group owns 90,000 acres of land with royalties, 83,600 acres of mineral rights, and more than 4,200 active wells. These properties are what help the company make money for its investors. The active wells keep producing oil and gas, which brings in a steady flow of money every month. Because of this, Phoenix Capital Group is a good choice for investors who want a stable investment.

What about the investments themselves?

Right now, one of the company’s most popular choices is their Regulation D bonds. These bonds can be attractive to all kinds of investors. The Regulation D bonds, as of November 30, 2023, have an estimated yearly yield of 9% to 13%. And you can adjust the terms according to your needs.

Just like treasury bonds, the bonds from Phoenix Capital Group pay you regular dividends. These dividends come from the money earned by producing oil well assets. A great thing about these bonds is that investors can choose to reinvest their dividends. This means you don’t have to pay taxes on them right away. Also, anyone can use their retirement account (or IRA) to invest in them.


In conclusion, Phoenix Capital Group is a legit and reliable investment firm. When we look at what customers say, we see they’re really happy and feel secure. The company always does what it says it will, which makes a lot of people want to invest with them. They’re also introducing new stuff, like their Capital Markets division, which will help them connect better with investors. This will keep Phoenix Capital Group doing a great job for investors.