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Aimie Killeen will Lead Digital Currency Group as Chief Legal Officer

Aimie Killeen will Lead Digital Currency Group as Chief Legal Officer

Digital Currency Group (DCG) has recently announced Aimie Killeen as their new Chief Legal Officer. This appointment marks a pivotal development for DCG, as they aim to strengthen their legal and corporate governance amidst ongoing industry changes and previous legal challenges.

Aimie Killeen brings with her a robust legal background and deep expertise in mergers, acquisitions, and compliance. Her career includes a significant role as Chief Legal Officer at Billtrust, where she played a key role in navigating complex legal landscapes and regulatory frameworks. This experience is especially relevant to DCG as they manage the repercussions of their subsidiary, Genesis, declaring bankruptcy in early 2023.

Killeen’s professional journey also includes a nine-year tenure as a senior associate with Ashurst in Australia, and leadership roles at DirectCash and CardTronics. Her global perspective and cross-sector experience equip her well to handle the intricate legal challenges faced by DCG, particularly in international markets.

Global Legal Operations and International Legal Challenges

The new role for Killeen involves overseeing DCG’s global legal operations, focusing on enhancing the company’s ability to manage international legal challenges. Her responsibilities will extend to DCG’s mergers and acquisitions strategy, ensuring that all procedures align with global legal standards and best practices in corporate governance.

DCG’s founder and CEO, Barry Silbert, expressed confidence in Killeen’s abilities, emphasizing her crucial role in not only addressing current legal hurdles but also in supporting the company’s strategic growth. Her appointment is seen as key to stabilizing the governance structure and navigating the evolving legal environment of the digital currency industry.

Advancing Growth and Development of Decentralized Technology

Killeen expressed her enthusiasm about joining DCG, recognizing the transformative period in finance and technology and the company’s significant role in the digital assets sector. She is committed to advancing DCG’s growth and the broader development of decentralized technology.

The appointment comes after DCG and its subsidiary Genesis reached a crucial agreement with creditors following Genesis’ financial setbacks, which were partly triggered by the broader upheaval in the crypto market, including the FTX collapse. Killeen’s leadership is expected to be instrumental as DCG continues to adapt and innovate in this rapidly evolving industry.

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