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A New Era in Trading Technology Dawns As ATFX and TraderTools Join Hands

ATFX and TraderTools Join Hands


  • ATFX has recently integrated PriceOn from TraderTools, enhancing its global trading infrastructure.
  • Clients will experience improved pricing and execution, attracting new clients with unique pricing based on data and risk metrics.

In the forex and financial spheres, integrations between two independent bodies are nothing new today. One such integration has happened very recently. ATFX has improved its global trading infrastructure by integrating PriceOn from TraderTools.

This change will transform how ATFX manages trading flows from its institutional and retail clients. The upgrade will enhance pricing and execution experiences. It will also attract new clients by offering confident, unique pricing based on data and risk metrics.

About The Integration

The integration of PriceOn from TraderTools will benefit ATFX’s clients by providing them with precise market analysis. Traders can now use advanced features like trend analysis, risk management tools, and automated trading signals. These tools help traders find and use market opportunities better.

ATFX made this decision because of a high demand for advanced trading solutions. As markets become more complex, traders need strong tools to stay competitive and reach their goals.

The broker offers full support to help traders learn and use the new features effectively. This integration is a big step for ATFX. It shows the broker’s commitment to improving the trading experience. ATFX helps traders make smart decisions and achieve better results by providing powerful analytical tools.

What ATFX Said

Jeffrey Siu, COO of ATFX, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, emphasising that it aligns with the company’s commitment to using advanced technology to improve user experience. He highlighted that by incorporating PriceOn from TraderTools, ATFX provides clients with powerful analytical tools to enhance their trading capabilities. Siu noted that this integration is part of ATFX’s ongoing efforts to create a superior trading environment.

At the same time, the Chairman of ATFX, Joe Li, expressed his excitement about integrating PriceOn to enhance ATFX pricing. He said this strategic partnership will improve their pricing capabilities, providing clients with more competitive and accurate pricing. Li emphasised their commitment to constantly adapting and improving services to meet the changing needs of their clients.

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