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Berry Max Review

Berry max crypto exchange review

Berry Max operates a crypto exchange with its online trading platform. Users can use this platform to buy, sell, exchange, and trade various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and 20 others. Crypto transaction platforms have become essential in today’s world. With the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, the number of crypto platforms is also rising. Not all transaction platforms are worth time and attention, but Berry Max appears to be a popular choice as more people look for it.


  • Berry Max is a crypto transaction platform.
  • It is a multilevel crypto marketing channel where users handle their trades.
  • The platform has landed in scam troubles.

How does it Work?

The Berry.im platform works based on three main models:

  1. It operates as a multi-level marketing channel.
  2. It functions as a crypto trading exchange.
  3. It also serves as a slight investment platform.

However, it is essential to know that Berry is not a get-rich-quick or pyramid scheme. Here, the users are responsible for their trading. For instance, if a user invests USD100 or R2000 in Berry and does not trade with the free signals daily, the money remains unchanged indefinitely.

Scam Alert about Berry Max Crypto Exchange

Previously NBFIRA issued a public notice on December 12, 2022, stating that Berry.im’s crypto trading platform is unlicensed. Despite this, Berry.im continued to attract investments from thousands of investors. The platform’s registration was for one year, starting June 13, 2022, and expiring June 13, 2023. Surprisingly, a red flag was raised one month before the website’s registration expired when Berry.im halted withdrawals. Finally, on May 2, 2023, investors realised they could not withdraw their funds anymore.

Previously, Berry.im allowed withdrawals ranging from $10 to $1,000 within 24 hours. Naturally, the Investors grew concerned when Berry Max Trading Platform halted withdrawals and deposits, citing technical issues and an upgrade. Despite this notice, after 20 days, the issue remained unresolved, severely damaging investor confidence.

The Ponzi Schemes

To address concerns about potential scams, Berry.im deactivated several fraudulent accounts. Therefore, many viewed this as signalling an effort to validate its legitimacy. Interestingly, the platform then introduced bonuses and promotions for staking BRY tokens, aiming to assure investors. What is striking here is that these incentives included a tenfold valuation increase, a 30% Member Appreciation Bonus, and enhanced access to quick buy options and withdrawals. Finally, on May 23, 2023, Berry.im converted to BERRY MAX tokens.

It emphasised its commitment to stabilising BRY tokens amid recent developments and rebranding. The platform introduced promotions for staking BRY tokens over the next 90 days to encourage investor confidence and discourage immediate withdrawals.

Is Berry Crypto Trading Platform Legit?

After that potential scam, we can not assure you that it’s a legitimate investment platform. However, many users stated that there’s a high chance that this Berry crypto exchange is a scam with a fake platform. 

Present Status

The website is now inactive, showing a 404 error in some regions. Moreover, updates are solely available through Telegram. This situation might indicate that it is shutting down while attempting to gather more investments by promoting staking and disabling withdrawals. Therefore, Berry Max appears questionable.