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NordFX Crowned Best ECN/STP Forex Broker of 2024


Story Highlights

  • NordFX was named Best ECN/STP Forex Broker of 2024 by FXDailyInfo, reflecting traders’ choices through public voting.
  • Offers direct access to interbank liquidity via ECN, ensuring faster execution and favorable pricing with minimal spreads.
  • Top traders at NordFX earned a staggering $2.5 million in profits in 2023, showcasing the broker’s exceptional trading environment.

In a remarkable endorsement from the forex community, NordFX has been named the Best ECN/STP Forex Broker of 2024 by FXDailyInfo, a leading platform for financial news, analysis, and educational resources. This prestigious accolade is particularly significant as it reflects the collective opinion of traders worldwide, determined through public voting on the FXDailyInfo website.

Direct Access to Interbank Liquidity

A key factor contributing to NordFX’s success is its commitment to providing direct access to interbank liquidity through its Electronic Communication Network (ECN). By seamlessly connecting traders’ orders to liquidity providers without intermediaries, it ensures faster execution times and favorable pricing with minimal fees and spreads.

Zero Spreads on Popular Currency Pairs

The Trading Platform offers zero spreads on the most actively traded currency pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. This exceptional offering extends beyond forex, enabling traders to explore diverse markets, such as crypto assets, stocks, indices, oil, and precious metals, with the XAU/USD pair also boasting a zero spread.

Proven Track Record of Success

It’s impressive performance is evident in the remarkable earnings of its top traders. According to statistics, the three most successful traders on the platform amassed an astonishing $2.5 million in profits during 2023, a testament to the broker’s commitment to providing an exceptional trading environment.

With a versatile approach tailored to meet the needs of active and passive traders alike, it positions itself as an excellent choice for traders of varying temperaments, strategies, and experience levels. As the forex market continues to evolve, NordFX remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that empower its clients to achieve their financial goals.