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What is Not Gonna Make It (NGMI) Definition in Crypto?

Not Gonna Make It NGMI

The online community has its own set of vocabulary, which consist of unique words and even short forms. Well, it seems that having short forms for words is not a big issue unless it is slang! The most popular online slang term these days is NGMI. 

Decoding NGMI

“Not Gonna Make It,” or NGMI, is slang used in online communities. It is popular among cryptocurrency investors and traders. It started on social media. This slang shows a lack of confidence or frustration. Thus, it describes someone missing out on profits. This happens because they are tempted to sell during a dip or they want to lock in profits instead of holding on for bigger gains.

On the other hand, NGMI also means a worthless cryptocurrency or shitcoin. One can find NGMI on Crypto Twitter. It is even more common in the NFT world. As a result, users can see it a lot on NFT Twitter and in Discord groups. Another interesting fact about this slang is that NGMI is the opposite of “We’re All Gonna Make It” or WAGMI. WAGMI has a positive meaning. It expresses confidence and optimism.

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