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SBI DAH and Chiliz Partner to Bring Socios Tokens to Japan

SBI DAH and Chiliz

Story Highlights

  • Japanese sports fans to access exclusive experiences with global football clubs through Socios fan tokens.
  • Socios tokens offer fan engagement beyond the stands: voting rights, contests, VIP experiences, and more.
  • SBI DAH and Chiliz’s partnership bridges traditional finance and Web3, transforming sports fan engagement in Japan.

Imagine having a direct line of influence with your favorite football club. Voting on club decisions, exclusive merchandise discounts, and VIP experiences – these are just a few perks offered by Socios fan tokens, making their arrival in Japan a game-changer for sports fans. Leading the charge is a powerful partnership between SBI Digital Asset Holdings (SBI DAH) and Chiliz, a blockchain solutions provider for sports and entertainment.

Socios Tokens, More Than Just Collectibles

Unlike traditional sports NFTs, Socios tokens are fungible, meaning they can be traded like cryptocurrency. This focus on utility sets them apart. Owning a Socios token doesn’t grant ownership in the club, but it unlocks a treasure trove of fan engagement opportunities. Fans can participate in polls that influence club decisions, from kit designs to stadium upgrades. Exclusive contests, VIP experiences, and merchandise discounts further deepen the connection between fans and their favorite teams.

Traditional Finance Meets Web3

This collaboration marks a significant step towards integrating Web3 technologies into the traditional world of finance. “We prioritize the utility and underlying value which technology brings to communities,” says Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao, CEO of SBI DAH. By leveraging the power of blockchain and fintech innovations, this partnership aims to transform the sports and entertainment experience for Japanese fans. The Chiliz blockchain, built on Ethereum, recently transitioned to a more secure and efficient Proof of Staked Authority system, ensuring smooth transactions for fan tokens.

SBI DAH, A Blockchain Powerhouse

SBI DAH’s commitment to blockchain extends far beyond this partnership. The company boasts a robust portfolio of ventures, including AsiaNext, a digital asset exchange platform, and SBI Zodia Custody, a custodian for digital assets. These strategic investments solidify SBI DAH’s position as a leader in Japan’s rapidly growing blockchain landscape. With Chiliz as their partner, they are poised to revolutionize fan engagement for Japanese sports fans, fostering a deeper connection between them and their favorite clubs.