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The Future is Fixed Income, LTX and MultiLynq Forge Path for Streamlined Trading

LTX and MultiLynq

Story Highlights

  • Fixed-income traders rejoice! LTX integrates with MultiLynq for faster platform access.
  • No more technical headaches! MultiLynq’s API simplifies LTX onboarding, saving time and resources.
  • Streamlined workflows and boosted efficiency – the future of fixed-income trading is here.

The world of fixed-income trading, long known for its complexity and manual processes, is undergoing a quiet revolution. At the forefront of this movement is LTX, a subsidiary of Broadridge Financial Solutions, and their recent integration with MultiLynq, a leading provider of electronic fixed-income trading connectivity solutions. This collaboration promises to be a game-changer for dealers and asset managers seeking faster access to LTX’s powerful AI-powered platform.

Imagine a scenario where onboarding a new trading platform requires dedicating precious technical resources, often stretched thin across multiple critical projects. This was the reality for many dealers and asset managers navigating the fixed-income space. The LTX platform, with its suite of pre-trade tools like BondGPT and innovative RFQ+ and RFX trading protocols, offered a wealth of opportunity, but the connection process itself was a hurdle.

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The LTX and MultiLynq integration removes this obstacle entirely. By leveraging MultiLynq’s robust API and team of industry experts, users can now seamlessly integrate LTX into their existing workflows. This eliminates the need for in-house technical development, saving both time and money. The high-performance API ensures smooth communication between LTX and existing front-end interfaces, while also facilitating data exchange with downstream systems. The result? A frictionless trading experience that empowers users to leverage the full potential of LTX without compromising on their preferred workflows.

“This collaboration reinforces our continued commitment to offering fixed-income market participants a seamless and cost-effective solution for accessing world-class trading venues like LTX,” says Patrick Scheideler, Co-Founder of MultiLynq. This sentiment is echoed by Jim Kwiatkowski, CEO of LTX, who highlights the significant reduction in time to market for clients. By eliminating technical roadblocks and streamlining access, the LTX-MultiLynq partnership paves the way for a more efficient and technologically-driven fixed-income trading landscape. This ultimately benefits all stakeholders, from dealers and asset managers to the overall health of the corporate bond market.