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Tickmill Takes Flight with SoFinX Copy Trading

Tickmill Takes Flight with SoFinX Copy Trading


  • Tickmill partners with SoFinX to supercharge a copy trading platform with 10,000+ signal providers.
  • Copy trading explained: Beginners can mirror trades of experienced investors for potential profits.
  • Tickmill stays ahead of the curve by offering competitive interest rates and a revamped social trading experience.

Tickmill, a household name in the online forex and CFD trading scene, has just made a move that could be a game-changer for aspiring investors. By partnering with SoFinX, they’ve unveiled a brand new copy trading platform teeming with over 10,000 signal providers. This strategic alliance signifies Tickmill’s unwavering focus on innovation and a superior client experience.

“Tickmill has been a pioneer in prioritizing customer service and technological innovation,” remarked Edison Tuan, Founder & CEO of SoFinX. “This collaboration is set to elevate the customer experience to a new level.”

Demystifying the Herd Mentality: A Look at Copy Trading

Imagine a world where novice investors can piggyback on the expertise of seasoned traders. That’s the essence of copy trading. Skilled traders, or signal providers, publicly share their investment decisions, including buy and sell positions. Followers can then choose to mirror these trades in their accounts, essentially mimicking the signal provider’s strategy. It’s a win-win situation: followers potentially benefit from profitable trades, while signal providers typically earn a commission based on their followers’ gains.

The concept of copy trading, often referred to as social trading, has been around since the early days of online trading. Back then, traders exchanged ideas on forums and chatrooms. However, with technological advancements, the process has become significantly more user-friendly and accessible.

Navigating the Social Trading Jungle

While eToro and ZuluTrade have carved their names in the social trading arena, their approaches differ. eToro offers both copy trading and traditional brokerage services under one roof. ZuluTrade, on the other hand, partners with other brokers to provide them with the infrastructure for copy trading. Interestingly, eToro’s recent IPO plans signal their confidence in the social trading space, while Finvasia’s acquisition of ZuluTrade in 2021 highlights the growing importance of this segment.

Tickmill, recognizing this rising trend, entered the copy trading arena years ago and even launched its social trading platform last year. This dedication to staying ahead of the curve extends beyond copy trading. They recently joined the ranks of major brokers by offering a competitive interest rate of 3.5% on unused client funds.

The SoFinX integration signifies Tickmill’s commitment to empowering its diverse clientele. This enhanced copy trading experience equips both new and seasoned traders with the tools and resources they need to navigate the financial markets with greater confidence, fostering a vibrant social trading ecosystem within the Tickmill platform.