Brexit Millionaire Review

Brexit Millionaire is a trading platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum automatically. You don’t need to do anything manually because the system does it for you. It claims to be fast and lets you take out your money instantly. You might have seen ads for Brexit Millionaire on social media, in emails, or in news. But is it safe? The answer is No. Brexit Millionaire is part of a big scam involving many people and companies. They trick you into investing money, but you end up losing it. Let’s look at how this scam works.

The People Behind Brexit Millionaire

You should remember that the people who tricked you aren’t necessarily traders or bookmakers. They run what they say is a real business, even though they often admit that 80% of their customers lose money. Their customers choose to use the system, so if they’re honest upfront, how is it their fault? If you try to go after the original company that made all the promises, you’ll see that the website domain has changed, and you can’t find where the servers are. 

They’ve reopened the same website under a different bitcoin auto trader domain name and are still untraceable. Surprisingly, Google lets them advertise, which adds to the difficulty. (As a note, Google seems to have stopped supporting these people and no longer offers ads on Brexit Millionaire, Quantum AI, or Bitcoin Loopholes, which is good.)

🏢 Headquarters United Kingdom
🗺️ Regulation None
🗺️ Type of License No license
💰 Account currency USD (mentioned on their website)
💵 Withdrawal The method is not mentioned on their website.

Is Brexit Millionaire legit broker or scam?

Trading with CFDs and marketing CFD trading isn’t allowed in the US because it’s very close to licensed fraud. About 80% of regular people who bet on CFDs or Forex lose their money on nearly all platforms. They don’t end up with low-value shares that might go up later; instead, they lose their money straight to the bookmakers (or trading houses). In simple terms, if they lose, they get nothing in return. A CFD only holds value for the duration of the contract, so it’s like buying something that will eventually be worthless.

Lots of people want to get involved in this, and scammers have changed their tactics to make their actions less obviously illegal. Instead of being outright illegal, they’re kind of questionable in places like Cyprus, where authorities are eager to attract business in any way they can. So, if you’re not in the US, Canada, or Israel, CFD trading is legal, and it’s tough for local authorities to prove that anything shady happened.

The Brexit Millionaire’s New Scam

A new scam is going around, and it starts with fake emails or websites promising amazing results. For instance, there’s a story spreading that a famous person made their fortune not by being famous, but by using a special phone app that anyone can use to make money easily. In the story, this celebrity convinces a TV host to download the app and put money into it, and then the host starts making money right on the show. The crew watching are amazed at how easy it seems. But then, the authorities step in and shut down the show because it’s all a scam. It just goes to show how silly and misleading these fake stories can be.

Is there a Brexit Millionaire App?

No, there’s no such app. There’s only this Android app that shows bitcoin prices and asks for your info, then sends it to a scammer. But that’s it, there’s no legit app! Any link on that weird website just takes you to a place where they try to get your contact details, probably while you’re still shocked by the fake news article.

What can you do if you get scammed?

If you’re scammed, here’s what you can do: First, be careful with any companies claiming to recover your money easily. Many of them just want to scam you again. Especially watch out if the company is based offshore. They might not follow local laws, making it harder for you to get help. Some of these recovery companies aren’t even in Australia or Europe.

They might be run by the same people from places like Eastern Europe or Russia, but registered in far-off countries like Cyprus or the Caribbean. They often use shared addresses and hide behind privacy protections online, so if you give them money, you’ll likely never get it back.

Is ‘Brexit Millionaire’ Unregulated?

No, ‘Brexit Millionaire’ is not regulated by a top-tier regulator. Just because a broker is regulated doesn’t mean your money is safe. Who regulates the broker matters a lot. Top-tier regulators are strict authorities that make sure brokers follow rules to prevent fraud. Being regulated by a top-tier regulator means the broker meets high standards, like fair pricing and transparent trading. Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom, has mentioned on their website that unauthorised firm Brexit Millionaire may be working without their authorization.

Here are some trustworthy financial regulators from around the world:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – United States
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – United Kingdom
  • Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) – Germany
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) – Australia
  • Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) – Switzerland

Avoid blindly trusting scam detection sites

Don’t rely on sites like Trustpilot to investigate offshore traders. Scammers flood these sites with fake reviews to make themselves look good. They might even post a few bad reviews to seem legitimate. But most of these reviewers only make one review, and their profiles often look fake. Trustpilot removes negative reviews, so even shady companies can keep high ratings. It’s suspicious when a company claims high ratings but admits that most of its customers lose money.

Final Thoughts

At Topforex, we only suggest brokers that have top-tier regulators. We focus on important things like regulatory compliance, financial stability, customer service quality, and being clear about what we do. Our team always knows what’s going on to avoid online scams. Even though some people still get tricked, here’s our advice: don’t trust scam-detector websites like Trustpilot and ScamAdvisor blindly. If you have questions about trading or crypto, ask us first to know if it’s real or fake before you decide. 

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