IGM Holdings Review

Security is a huge fear when making an investment. IGM Holdings might seem like an amazing investment and you might have seen people talking about it on social media. In this review, we look at how fair IGM is by analyzing what it offers, its recognition and its regulation. This will help you decide if you should move forward with this broker or not.

What is IGM Holdings?

IGM Holdings specializes in cryptocurrency financing solutions. In addition to alternative forex, stocks, indices and commodities, you can exchange, trade and invest in cryptocurrencies with a professional brokerage. You can choose from several alternatives, together with forex, crypto, indices, stocks and commodities, a multifunctional area. In the next section, we will show that all of these claims are true. Next, we’ll show why none of these claims are true in the next part.

Is IGM Holdings safe or a scam?

IGM Holdings is not always safe. It is an unlicensed trading platform that hides the facts about its operators. Without understanding its location or operations, we cannot determine its GMT offset. IGM Holdings claims that it is regulated with the help of several monetary authorities, but our investigation shows that this is not true. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning labeling IGM Holdings as an unlicensed firm in the UK.

In short, IGM Holdings is not regulated by the use of any authority. Investing with this dealer can be very risky as there is no legal protection for your finances. To avoid these risks, stay away from unlicensed platforms like IGM Holdings and choose fully regulated ones as an alternative.

Frequently asked questions

What does IGM Holdings provide?

IGM Holdings offers financing options in cryptocurrencies, the Forex market, stocks, indices and commodities. They have a people friendly platform with academic tools and professional help.

Is IGM Holdings a safe platform to invest in?

No, IGM Holdings is not always safe. It has been classified as unregulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Should I invest with IGM Holdings?

No, it is no longer supported. IGM Holdings lacks regulatory oversight and is therefore risky.