Neo Banque Review

If you’re looking into the world of investment, you might come across a firm called Neo Banque. This company has the unique characteristic of not only providing banking services but also functioning as a broker, which definitely has its advantages. You get both banking and investment opportunities, and they claim you will achieve great profits. But, how true is that statement?

In this review, we’ll explore an overview of this company, its regulation and security, and whether Neo Banque stands out as a legitimate broker or a scam. Let’s find out.

🏢 Headquarters United Kingdom
🗺️ Company Name NA
🗺️ Foundation Year NA
🗺️ Company Address NA
🗺️ Website NA
🗺️ Contact NA
💻 Regulatory Status: No Regulation
🗺️ Type of License No license
💰 Should I trade with it No (We don’t recommend)
Scope of Business Suspicious

What is Neo Banque?

A Neo Bank is a bank that you can mostly use online. You usually access it through an app on your smartphone. As more people use smartphones, the number of Neo Banks is growing. Some people think investing in them is a good idea, and you might have seen recommendations on social media. Besides banking services, the next section will tell you about Neo Bank’s brokerage services.

Is Neo Banque safe or a scam?

We can’t say for sure if Neo Banque is safe or a scam, but if someone promises you profits, it’s likely a scam. Neo Banque isn’t a trusted broker because it isn’t regulated by a strict financial authority. We wouldn’t open an account with them. If you’re thinking about using Neo Banque, you might want to reconsider.

This bank has many problems that make it a bad choice. Their customer service is terrible and very slow to respond. Fees are too high, and they charge for almost everything. To stay safe, only sign up with brokers regulated by top-tier authorities.

If you’re still unsure and really want to try Neo Banque, check its license, read reviews, and test withdrawals with small amounts.


Is Neo Banque regulated?

No, this broker is not regulated at the moment.

Does FxSway offer demo accounts?

No, FxSway does not offer demo accounts.

Is Neo Banque a good broker for beginners?

No, Neo Banque is not recommended for beginners.