TradelightFX Review

When trading online, we should always focus on regulation and safety. Tradelightfx is a offshore broker where you can trade stocks, currencies, and commodities. Many people wonder, “Is Tradelightfx safe?” because the company heavily promotes high profits. In this review, we will look closely at the company’s profile, safety measures, and regulations to find out if TradelightFX is safe or a scam.

🏢 Headquarters Cayman Islands
🗺️ Company Name Tradelightfx International Group Limited & Tradelightfx Global Prime Pty Ltd & Tradelightfx Global Prime LLP
🗺️ Foundation Year 2020
🗺️ Company Address 4th Floor The Harbour Centre, 42 N Church St, George Town, Cayman Islands
🗺️ Website
🗺️ Contact +12172161220
💻 Regulatory Status: No Regulation
🗺️ Type of License No license
💰 Should I trade with it No (We don’t recommend)
Scope of Business Suspicious

What is TradelightFX?

Before deciding if TradelightFX is safe or a scam, let’s look at what it is. TradelightFX started in 2020. According to them, you can trade Forex, Indexes, CFD Shares, and Commodities on their platform. They offer services in many languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, and Japanese. The minimum deposit is $200, which makes some people suspicious. We will discuss the truth about TradelightFX in the next section.

Is Tradelightfx Safe or a scam?

Tradelightfx is not safe because it is not regulated by a strict financial authority. The website does not provide clear details on opening trading accounts. Tradelightfx falsely claims to be affiliated with Vantage International Group Limited. In fact, it has no connection to Vantage and is a clone company that uses Vantage’s identity to rip off investors.

Overall, Tradelightfx is an unregulated scam. His website is full of lies, from his purported connections to his trading platform and situation. Avoid this seller to protect your cash.


What is TradelightFX?

TradelightFX is an online trading platform that started in 2020. It helps in many languages ​​and allows users to trade stocks, currencies and commodities.

Is TradelightFX safe?

No, TradelightFX is not safe. It is unregulated, makes false claims to be associated with reliable companies and is considered a scam.

How can I protect my money from TradelightFX?

Avoid using TradelightFX and don’t deposit any more money with them to protect your finances from fraud.